Crosspoint Vision

At Crosspoint, our vision is to touch every corner of the world with the gospel beginning in our homes, throughout our community and into our state, nation and the world. We seek to live out Psalm 96:3 and see God’s name made famous around the world!  We have five goals to make sure we live out our vision:

1.  Grow through gospel centered worship on campus and in the home.  (Gather & Grow)
2.  Edify (build up) believers.  (Grow)
3.  Develop and deploy leaders.  (Grow and Invest)
4.  Develop and deploy believers to use gifts to serve the church & the world.  (Invest and Go)
5.  Engage our homes, community and the world with the gospel.  (Go)


1 Timothy 4:7-10

Throughout 2023 we want to daily train ourselves for Godliness and Reignite Our Passion For Growing, Serving and Going.


A Healthy Church
At Crosspoint, we strive to be a healthy, gospel-centered church through...

1. Biblical understanding of the gospel 
2. Biblical understanding of conversion
3. Expositional preaching
4. Biblical theology
5. Biblical discipleship and growth
6. Biblical church leadership
7. Biblical understanding of evangelism
8. Biblical understanding of membership
9. Biblical church discipline